Automated Card Risk & Fraud Control Feedback System with Real-time Agent Escalation

High-value charge-backs? Client complaints of Card Fraud? These are the realities of credit/debit card transactions in the digital world. Phonon Communications’ automated card risk & fraud control feedback system adds a layer of security. Our communication system calls your high-risk transaction customers in real-time for reconfirmation; and if required, a real-time agent escalation. Want more? Use the call also to offer EMI conversions to your customers.

Card Risk & Fraud Control

Unlike SMS & Email, Voice Calls have undivided user attention and have real-time delivery status.


Global Calling. Multi-currency & Multi-lingual Support

Easy API Integration with your Bank’s Risk Management System

Real Time Calling with Agent Escalation

PCI DSS 2.0 Compliant Infrastructure


Get a demonstration and integrate with your bank’s fraud management system. Just give a missed call on +91 99797 46666 and get a call back from our sales team!

About Phonon:

Phonon’s Unified Communication solutions automate interactions for leading banks, airlines, insurers, financial services companies and eCommerce providers across India and the GCC region. Our solutions give a unified customer experience across Voice, SMS, email and bot-based interactions to ensure you can have higher conversions. Be it your service process or a sales process.

Those who work with us include:

4 of India’s top 6 airlines. 3 of India’s top 7 private sector banks. 2 of India’s top 5 foreign Banks. UAE’s largest Bank. 2 of India’s Top 3 travel portals.

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