Contact Centre Automation Suite

Make your day-to-day call centre operations a breeze with our built-in call, chat distribution and reporting including multiple dialling modes and detailed reports.

Contact Centre Automation Suite


Soft Login Interface

Every agent has a soft login interface that shows the status of the queue and allows the agent to inform the server about his state (available, on wrap-up, on break, etc).

Skill-based Call Routing

Set skill-based routing of the calls with agent skill-level definition and priority. Increase efficiency by routing the call to the right agent!

Supports VoIP

Our contact centre automation supports direct voice over IP for agents as well as external calls. Also serves as a gateway to pass calls from traditional PSTN to VoIP.

Auto Updates to CRMs

Our ACD provides automatic updates to CRM upon call disposition from the agents. It has built-in libraries that allow to interact with the CRM and ERP Framework applications.


Connect customer interactions on different channels—such as voice, text and social media- and carry context throughout the customer journey. Provide seamless interaction experience to your customers across all touchpoints with the help of our Omni-Channel Contact Centre Automation suite.

Multiple Campaigns & Dialing Modes

Our multiple campaign & dialers are scalable and robust. It allows you to handle and simultaneously serve multiple outbound/inbound campaigns in a systematic and streamlined manner.

Reports & Analytics

Get real-time dashboards and analytics of the call flow and agent’s performance. Leverage reports to take corrective measures, monitor agent performance and analyze efficiencies in various areas including complaint resolution, response rate, and overall productivity levels.

Call Recording and Retrieval Features

Our Contact Centre Automation Suit has built-in intelligence for 100% call-recording and retrieval features.


Self Service Solution

Reduce the call centre cost and leverage the power of Contact Centre Service Solution. In this extremely hyper-competitive and informed marketplace, our proven cloud based solutions provide the scale and speed which the clients need.

Tele-sales Solution

Free up your time and resources by reaching out to customers and prospects through our tele-sales automation solution. Partner with our technology and hit your sales targets !

Non-Voice Solution

Transfer the chat to live agents in case your chatbot is not able to resolve customer’s query. Our Contact Centre Non-Voice Solution connects the customer to the right agent who can solve their query quickly.

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