Proactive Outbound Engagement

Get the customer experience you desire with our powerful outbound engagement by sending personalised and omni-channel notifications over WhatsApp, SMS, EMail and Voice Calls.

Proactive Outbound Engagement



With our omni-channel outbound engagement solutions, your customers and agents get the freedom to shift between channels without losing context.

Personalised Communication

Build a strong customer relationship through personalised notifications/calls/ SMS that meets their needs. Get away from the status quo of always providing reactive services.

Intelligent Notifications

Ensure your customers are always informed via relevant and prompt interactive notifications or reminders. These features make sure that your customers never forget their appointments, service updates etc.

Automated Payment Reminders

Struggling to recover your payments on time? Improve past-due collection by adding a payment link to your outbound campaigns across all channels. It allows the customer to make payments using the channel of their choice without the need for agent interaction.

Interactive Feedback

Reach out  for instant feedback through our survey bots over voice and text to measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS)  or capitalise on profitable upsell opportunities.

ROI Tracking

Leverage Phonon’s analytics that can help you to further your targeted campaigns. Simultaneously, build a better clarity of your existing customer database.


Personalised SMS

Easily send relevant messages/notifications to your customers with the help of Phonon’s reliable SMS solutions. At the same time include payment links, conduct surveys, convey status updates etc.

2-Way SMS

Create an engaging messaging experience by allowing your customers to interact via our 2-way SMS. Give them the flexibility to switch over to chatbots by embedding a short link in the message.

Bulk Emails

Send emails to your customer with a personal touch via Phonon’s Bulk Emails solution. Achieve better targeting and higher customer receptivity too.

Survey Bot

Create and launch surveys using our survey bots. Leverage our survey bot’s seamless integration with WhatsApp and Facebook to get instant feedback from customers at their convenience.

Proactive Outbound Calls

Enhance your customer experience by automating call blasts, reminders, follow-ups etc.  Increase response rate with live agent connect when needed and also monitor & analyse the calls for continuous improvement.

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