Click to CallTM & Instant Connect

Use our instant connect for contextual web lead retargeting, personalised client servicing, DealerConnect™, and Multi-Factor Authentication. We meet your high standards.

Click to CallTM & Instant Connect


Real-time and Numberless Dialing

Customers can now instantly connect with you without the need to download any heavy software!Reduce the hassle of dialling a number and waiting for an agent. With numberless dialling, an agent can reach the customers at the click of a button.

Automated Retargeting

Increase customer acquisition rate by automating web retargeting and providing instant connect via Click to CallTM to your customers.

Prioritization of Calls

Give your high ticket customers faster resolution of their queries  and greater customer satisfaction using the prioritization functionality of our solutions.

Quick Deployment

Benefit from the flexibility to Integrate with 3rd party Applications (CRM, ERP and Marketing Automation Systems). Quick Deployment Available as API, Widget and Web Form Plugin.

Number Masking

Protect the privacy of your customers by allowing them to connect without revealing their phone/mobile number when required.

Reporting and Analytics

Get customised dashboards showcasing real-time detailed call analytics. Gain a better understanding of what your customers expect by tracking conversations and the reason for calling.


Web Retargeting

Integrate Click to CallTM with your ad campaign and give your customer an option to connect instantly. Reduce drop-offs by automating retargeting of your abandoned carts.

Click to CallTM

Instantly connects your customers and leads with your representatives through the most convenient media – voice calls. Get creative with implementation through SMS to Call, ATM to Call, Missed Call to Callback etc.

Digital Marketing Instant Connect

Integrate instant connect with your social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) campaigns or digital DSAs and allow your prospects to reach out to you without any hassle.

Relationship Manager Instant Connect

Give your customers one-click direct connect access to their relationship manager. Save time and cost while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction by many folds.

Dealer Connect

Connect your prospect with the closest dealer within seconds of their interest. Give real-time high quality leads to your dealers leading to greater business and dealer satisfaction.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Validate customer transactions and identity with the help of multi-factor authentication.

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