Visual IVR

Initiate conversations, qualify leads and complete sign-ups with our customised visual IVR. The future of customer service is here with our multimodal Machine Learning powered bot.


Mobile Friendly Rich Media

With a simple, fast, intuitive and mobile-friendly user interface, Phonon visual IVR provides an extraordinary user experience. From a simple text query to complex requirements such as calendars, carousels and seat bookings, our Rich Media bots have the UI for all your needs.

Easy Customisations

Retain your brand identity with our customised bots. Make changes to the flow easily and quickly with our simple and user friendly interface.

Seamless Integration

Phonon’s visual IVR is integrated with the best global AI platforms.


Lead Qualification Visual IVR

Manage your sales operations more efficiently and reduce your customer acquisition costs significantly with our lead qualification bot.

Survey Visual IVR

Create and launch surveys using our survey bots. Leverage our survey bot’s integration with WhatsApp and Facebook to get instant feedback from customers via the most convenient channels.

Scheduling Visual IVR

Leverage Phonon’s scheduling bot to tackle the hassle of setting up meetings. Scheduler Bot helps you arrange meetings with partners, clients, job candidates etc. with minimum human intervention.

Upsell Visual IVR

Increase revenue per customer through our Upsell Bot that offers related products or services that a user may benefit from. Reduce the cost of sales campaigns, involving human sales representative only where necessary.

Customer Onboarding/Explainer Visual IVR

Transform how you take customers through the post-sale journey for e.g. sign up, login, application process and explaining the product they purchased with the help of our Customer Onboarding/Explainer bot.

Service Visual IVR

Provide real-time and round the clock assistance to your customers using Phonon’s service bot. Automate all your simple service requests leaving your agents to just handle the complex queries.

Multimedia Catalogue Visual IVR

Communicate with customers and make it easy for them to browse your products with our multimedia catalogue bot.

FAQ Visual IVR

Replace the boring list of frequently asked questions with a more engaging, NLP based visual IVR that can answer all basic questions through a simple chat interface.

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