Banking & Financial Services

Our award winning portfolio of immersive solutions bridges the gap between marketers and customers and fits the needs of enterprises in the Banking and Financial Services sector.

Banking & Financial Services

Use Cases

Digital and Offline Customer Acquisition

Increase customer engagement by automating calls & SMS and integrating our click-to-call service on your website/app. Utilise social media to acquire new customers for all Banking products by running ads and chatbots on platforms such as facebook messenger.

Proactive Outbound Engagement
Click to CallTM & Instant Connect
Relationship Manager Instant Connect

Enhance customer experience by using our RM connect service. Enable your customers to instantly connect with their relationship manager at the click of a button.

Click to CallTM & Instant Connect
Eligibility Bot & Speech-based Self Service

Initiate conversations with your customers via intuitive and interactive bots on voice and chat. Our bots can check their eligibility, CIBIL score and are also capable of accepting documents and completing the entire application process without human intervention.

Visual IVR
Predictive Customer Interactions

Is the last cheque leaf of your customer being cleared? Do you see an extraordinary credit card payment on your customer’s card? Surprise your customers with automated and predictive interactions right at the moment of truth!

Intelligent IVR
Proactive Outbound Engagement
Proactive Notifications To Reduce Fraud Risk

With our multi-factor authentication solution, you can proactively inform and alert customers of any suspected fraudulent activities such as incorrect PIN being entered multiple times, confirmation of transactions, etc.

Proactive Outbound Engagement

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