Contact Centre Automation for Insurance

Spearheading the contact centre and communications industry since its inception, we offer a wide range of automation solutions for the Insurance sector.

Use Cases

Digital and Offline Customer Acquisition

Offer your customers 24/7 assistance for policy inquiries and online purchase request. Maximise your ROI by scheduling and customising your outbound campaigns across multiple channels including social media.

Click to CallTM & Instant Connect
Visual IVR
Intelligent Customer Support

Shorten customer call duration with the help of our intelligent IVR that delivers faster and personalised engagement for your policy holders.

Intelligent IVR
Claims Bot & Speech-Based Self Service

Speed up the claims process using claims bot and speech based self-service solutions for document submission, query resolution, and recover pending payments.

Visual IVR
Intelligent IVR
Proactive Notifications To Increase Persistency

Ensure timely payment of EMI, insurance premiums, and more by automated and proactive notifications to the customers. Increase persistency ratios by reaching out for policy renewals in an engaging and efficient way.

Proactive Outbound Engagement
Upsell & Cross-sell

Maximise cross-selling and upselling opportunities for your insurance policies and their addons by leveraging our personalised engagement solutions.

Visual IVR
Proactive Outbound Engagement

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