New: Use our CRM for Faster, More Efficient Support!

Our Customer Support System, relaunched, in now available and being used full-swing! This system is made available for technical support queries from our customers; we will soon be adding this support functionality also for other functions including billing / accounts queries and sales. Typical features and usage of the system are mentioned below:

  • The CRM System now launched (and based on some of our customers’ earlier valued feedback) is 256-bit SSL secure. That means the TT number given by you, your email IDs and support issues discussed are all transmitted securely over the Internet.
  • CC functionality, our customers can keep multiple team members in cc while generating or responding to a ticket. Input from all team members and users will be taken and recorded on the same trouble ticket. Helpful in collaborative, and large organisation working, right?
  • Captcha enabled web interface ensures that no spam tickets are generated.

Enough said about the features, let’s take you through some typical cases of using the system:

Generation of tickets / support requests

Well, to use the system, you will need to generate a support request or as in the techie world, a ticket, right? Generating a ticket is easy.  You can either use:

  1. Through email. Just send us an email at We have a cron job running that periodically checks your emails to this ID and generates a ticket on your behalf.
  2. Also, if you call us and speak to any of our support team members, the first thing we will do is open a support ticket from our systems and on your behalf.

What happens when I generate a ticket?

Well, when you generate a ticket, the first thing we do is acknowledge it. We acknowledge it by generating a support ticket number. This is a unique 6-digit support number generated by our system based on which you can track the status of your ticket. The support ticket number is immediately emailed to you. In case, the support ticket is generated through the web interface, the email is sent to the person who generated the ticket and all those marked in the cc field while the ticket is generated. In case, support ticket is generated through email, we will reply-all to the email.

Once the ticket is generated, our support team members work on resolving your support request. We will thereafter keep interacting with you through email (or phone if we need clarifications) and also update you through email of all our interactions with you.

Please ensure: that when you reply back to any of our support request update emails, or send us an email regarding a support issue already opened with us, you always do a reply to one of our support ticket emails which has the support ticket number listed in the subject of the email.

Tracking your support ticket (and history of previous support tickets)

You can also track any of your support tickets raised with us or view history of all your support interactions with us. For this, in each of our emails to you, we will provide you a link that you can click to view the status of your support request. You can either click on that link, or alternately go to and in the ‘Check Ticket Status’ fields enter your email ID and the relevant ticket ID raised by you for details.

Thanks a lot for going through this tutorial and we hope this system helps us support you even better.

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