Phonon launches India’s First Multi-modal Flight Bot for the Aviation Sector

The Business Standard, 19th August,2017 featured Phonon’s Launch of India’s First Multi-Modal Flight Bot for Aviation Sector

Bots cannot be used by my mother or bots do not understand me or bots are artificial! Have we considered the possibility of the world being a better place when served by bots?, a Vadodara-based interaction automation company has taken on this challenge and applied this to simple customer centric applications taking the paradigm of providing information at your fingertips to the next level. Phonon is  proud to announce the launch of India’s first multi-modal flight bot for aviation sector.

Multi-Modal Flight Bot #ReadyFor2020Phonon’s multi-modal flight bot, aptly named, Trixie, in its first version is geared to provide flight status for any domestic flight in India over Facebook, Twitter and through voice-recognition based speech platform. Phonon’s flight status bot is available on Facebook at on Twitter handle @22n_phonon or page at Caller may also call in to +91 9978 74 6666 to know their flight status by just speaking out the airline and flight number to experience Phonon’s speech recognition based flight status bot.

Phonon’s chatbot deployment uses enhanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to provide instant responses to simple queries raised by passengers. The advanced speech-based Natural Language Processing system that works in English is capable of understanding queries in various Indian accents as well. The text-based bots on Facebook and Twitter can respond to questions asked in various Indian languages as well.

Ujwal Makhija, CEO, Phonon Communications Pvt. Ltd. says “Trixie, our automated flight status bot, is a point of inflexion in delivering information at your fingertips. Machine learning and automation have opened up tremendous possibilities in the customer servicing industry. Phonon has an impressive array of customer service automation applications lined up for launch through this quarter. The applications will focus on travel, banking, financial services and insurance.”

Sample Multi-Modal Flight BotThe entirely bootstrapped startup already has tie-ups with some of the major airlines even as more collaboration is expected. According to Vijay Mannur, AVP – Sales at Phonon, currently more than 60 per cent of India’s flyers get flight reschedule intimations through Phonon’s multicast service.

Ujwal further quotes, “Phonon has been the pioneer in providing customer interaction automation services to marquee companies in South Asia and GCC region. This multi-modal Interactive Bot opens up a complete new paradigm in customer service, leaving the possibility of letting humans do what they do the best, solve more complex customer problems and of course, sell. Close to 70% calls in any call center are transactional in nature, even if 50% calls are automated, that not only leads to a straight 35% saving in cost, but also gives service companies the flexibility to deploy the same funds for more value adding activities such as having better sales resources.”

Market estimates that the global chatbot market is expected to reach nearly US$1 bn by 2024.. Phonon believes that this is an understatement. Close to 30% of all calls to a call center can be easily automated. That’s about a $120billion global opportunity for interaction autaomtion without accounting for the new opportunities exposed through increased adoption of social media and the coming of age of the Millennials.  

Phonon’s state of the art NLP powered solutions offer great potential for not only automating customer interactions, but also providing personalised and contextual customer information. Self service solutions are facilitated with automatic escalation of calls to human interaction in case of complex problems which cannot be solved via initial level automation.

About Phonon:

Phonon is a pioneer in the field of automated customer interaction solutions. It serves major airlines, travel and leisure companies, banks, insurers, financial services enterprises and web portals of India and GCC countries. Phonon automates 1 million+ daily customer interactions over voice, SMS and email and provides flight reschedule information to almost 60% of Indian flyers.

Phonon’s solution portfolio includes: Visual IVR, Click-to-Call™, Contact Center Automation Suite, Proactive Outbound Engagement. Phonon’s solutions and products are designed to boost topline, reduce costs and ensure customer delight.

Phonon’s solutions and products are designed to increase client revenues, decrease costs and lead to a greater customer delight.

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