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We just improved our support process!

At Phonon, we’ve aimed to continuously provide high-quality support to our customers. As we increase our foot-print in the market, we need to ensure the same (actually, still higher) quality of support to our customers.

As a part of this vision of providing high quality support to our customers, we are proud to launch our Support Portal. Our customers can now raise tickets through any of the following three medium, get a trouble ticket number and track the progress of their open ticket.

A trouble ticket can be opened by any of the following three methods:

  • Online: Customers can visit and raise a trouble ticket.
  • Email: Email us with the details of your problem to; our system auto-raises your trouble ticket and assigns it to our support team.
  • Telephone: You can also, as always, call us at 0265 7123 666 during working hours to raise your trouble ticket.. 24×7 support for Severity 1 trouble tickets still continues during out of office hours at (91) 9978889490.

Just as a refresher, as our customer, you are entitled to our SLA based support for both hosted and turnkey projects. Our standard SLAs for hosted and turnkey projects can be viewed here:

So, go ahead, use our Support Portal for trouble tickets.

-Team Phonon.

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