The next big thing in Customer Servicing? Speech Recognition is In!

High quality through Customer Self Service systems is the motto Phonon started off in 2006 with. We developed IVR systems and auto-dialers that helped our enterprise customers, automate portions of their call center services. All while ensuring that Customer Servicability was not impacted. Customer Servicability for us consisted of how well we could answer the following questions:

  1. How easy was it for the end-consumer to get in touch with the enterprise or the other way around?
  2. How easy was it for the consumer to get the information needed or for the enterprise to communicate the information?
  3. How timely was the information being communicated, which is how close was the communication to moment of truth?

Those were the questions that our motto answered – getting information at your fingertips. And that’s what our inbound IVR systems, auto-diallers and Click-to-Call systems delivered to top banks, insurers, airlines, travel companies and web-portals. Automation that even my grandmother could use is how we designed our systems.

Speech Recognition has been frequently played around with in India. However, given the varying accents of our country, successful implementations, were rare, if there ever were. Remember the ‘gaana‘ campaign that started with a bang by a top telecom operator but was later pulled off a couple of years back.

But what’s changed in Speech Recognition IVR systems? The mobile boom benefited this. Google / Android Voice and Speech APIs and Siri on the iDevices have over the last two years have matured. Systems recognise our voice instruction with a decent and acceptable level of practical accuracy. When I say ‘Dance’ my system dances and does not hear it as ‘trance’.

Speech Recognition

How does this impact our customer applications? Well, speech systems can automate various customer interactions. For example, in the travel industry, 60% of any agents time is spent on fare search. Automating the fare search through speech can save this time. Likewise, in the insurance or banking sector, voice queries in service requests can decrease the AHT of calls by upto 40%.

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