Unveiling Phonon 2.0

Last 15 months were an interesting journey. Putting our money where our mouth was, all of us focussed on developing Phonon 2.0. Already in live deployments with some customers, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter each day. A matter of time now.

Last three years, Team Phonon has also been participating at the MG Vadodara International Marathon. This year, saw the highest participation count from Phonon and more importantly, the highest ever number of finishers of the 10k! We had 9 finishers of the 10k.

This was also our first season of participation at the GESIA Sports League. We were surprised to know Phonon has many chess aficionados. To the extent that we had to have an internal qualifier to select our team. Hardik was 6th on the leaderboard!

To top it all, we unveiled the brand that will be Phonon 2.0. This heralds our move from Phonon.In to Phonon.IO; our focus shifting from ‘information at your fingertips‘ to ‘Automating Communication‘. Sectoral leadership has what has set us apart. Amongst others, Four of the top six airlines in India; Six of the top ten retail banks in India; Leading eCommerce Companies, Travel Portals, Insurers and Financial Services companies already use our services.

Phonon 2.0 will:

  1. Consolidate this leadership position by bringing in more innovative and inclusive services built on unified communications (voice and text-based services) and integrations with global AI platforms.
  2. Bring in a more global footprint in our service and customer base.

Phonon’s Click-to-Call, Outbound Dialer, Inbound Self-Services were all hits that peaked c2015-2018. Phonon 2.0 is what will make our enterprise customers use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to make themselves #ReadyFor2020.

Watch out for lots more on the brand, services, and news.

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