Why Businesses Should Adopt An Omnichannel Communication Approach For Seamless CX?

What is Omnichannel Communication?

Omnichannel Communication is not just a buzzword. It’s a way for brands to strengthen relationships with their customers. Omnichannel communications refer to a singular experience for customers across all channels.

Integrating omnichannel communications throughout the customer journey, especially in a complex environment like a contact center, requires the right infrastructure and single interface for multiple channels- SMS, Phone Calls, Chatbots, Email, Messaging Apps. etc.

Phonon Central- A next-generation omnichannel integrated platform

Our no-code super-app Phonon Central helps enterprises with customized solutions for specific needs which can be integrated with their CRM and work seamlessly across all channels including Voice, SMS, Email, Social Media, etc.

What’s more? You get real-time dashboards and analytics which helps you gain visibility and takes the mystery out of the customer journey.

Why Businesses should adapt to an Omnichannel Communication Platform?

According to a recent statistical study, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. We live in an increasingly digital world, consumers are spoiled with several options for interactive digital communications. Phonon Central helps businesses fulfill their customer’s flexibility demands and helps them to provide a seamless customer interaction experience across all touchpoints.

Phonon Central– Key Capabilities

Helps In Accelerating Customer Engagement:

Omnichannel customer engagement is a process that employs multiple channels to interact with customers and prospects in order to keep them interested in a product or service. Through Phonon Central, businesses can ensure that customers get a consistent experience, even if they change platforms in the middle of an interaction.

Increases Agent Productivity And Reduces Wait Time:

Phonon’s Integrated agent assist model allows immediate escalation to agents and omnichannel dashboards empower teams with real-time feedback about their interactions on customer communication handled on each channel. Fewer touchpoints result in less complexity as an omnichannel platform helps in aligning all departments to deliver personalized solutions at first touchpoints.

Helps Businesses Boost Their ROI:

A study conducted by IAB revealed that businesses with a robust omnichannel strategy were able to retain 89% of their customers as compared to the companies that used single-channel strategy who could retain just 33% of them. By leveraging Phonon Central’s rich analytics businesses can build a better clarity of their existing customer database and further target their customer interaction campaigns. Phonon’s omnichannel CPaaS equips businesses to go beyond messaging to create a consistent experience for their customers across all the channels.

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Author: Chitraba Raj
Consultant (Sales & Marketing)
Phonon Communications Pvt Ltd

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