Why Click-to-Call is a good idea for your website?

Are you really getting the most out of your website? How many visitors have left your website because you couldn’tClick-to-Call Process Flow engage with them?

Do you know that if you had a click-to-call option on your site, 88% of your customers would have continued with the transaction? Only 12 percent would have walked away! (Source: Forrestor) By relying on your customers to initiate contact, you lose a lot of business because:

  1. They never fill feedback forms, as they believe companies rarely respond on time.
  2. They don’t use call extensions as they don’t want to waste their time on a call waiting for their turn or explaining their problems, (and even if they do call they feel they don’t get satisfactory answers.)

As a result, your transactions are delayed. And, when that happens, your lead is as good as gone! By establishing contact with your customers in the first 5 minutes, you increase first-time contact chances by 21 times and lead connection chances by 100 times! (Source: Lead Response Management Study)

Presenting, Phonon’s Click-to-Call services! It automatically connects your website visitors with the most relevant sales representatives within seconds, right when they are interested in a product. You can simply install Click-to-call using widgets, forms or even through your own interface by using our easy APIs!

Here is how this service works.

  1. Click-to-call calls connect to dedicated agents at your call center or to your roaming field service agents.
  2. It uses parameters such as Product, Location of Visitor and even the time specifications using our proprietary IntelliRoute technology to route the call to the appropriate call center and agent.
  3. Call center agents can easily login to their Agent Login interface and receive real-time details of the visitor that they are speaking to and also leave post-call dispositions and comments.

You can also integrate click-to-call with your existing CTI system using our Agent Login APIs. Phonon’s click-to-call services use Amazon’s CloudFront for rapid content delivery to users. With top-of-line data security standards, N+1 redundancy and site level disaster recovery planning, Phonon’s Click-to-Call service is a top-of-line enterprise grade service.

Real-time reporting dashboard permits tagging and tracking of calls and lead conversions based on your meta-data for each call. Click-to-call is compliant with all regulations of TRAI / DoT including NDNC rules.  It is also integrated with 3rd party tools like Google Adwords, Value Track, Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Asterisk ACDs and Avaya systems.

Click-to-call can also be enhanced for SMS-to-Call for your SMS activation campaigns, where inbound SMS leads from customers are put through for instant call-back. Kiosk call-backs from your ATM and kiosk campaigns can have leads received at ATMs or kiosks can be instantly called back using Phonon’s Click-to-Call services.

To experience and know more about our Click-to-Call services, simply SMS ‘Phonon‘ to (91) 9979 746666 or Click the Request a Demo! icon for an instant call back from our product sales team!

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