Nidhi Brahmbhatt

How will contact center communication look like in next 5 years
August 29, 2022

While the world is becoming more digital, there is still a huge chunk of population …

Why Businesses Should Adopt An Omnichannel Communication Approach For Seamless CX?
October 5, 2021

What is Omnichannel Communication? Omnichannel Communication is not just a buzzword. It’s a way for …

What is Click to Call and what are the top benefits of it?
August 6, 2021

What is Click to Call? You might’ve heard the term “Click to Call” often, it’s …

All you need to know about Template Registration in DLT –
February 3, 2021

Overview: “Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)” means a set of technological solutions that enables a single, …

Unwinding the new OSP Guidelines – Another step towards Liberalisation
December 17, 2020

In a highly acknowledged move, The Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) after much consideration has …


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